Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weight loss after baby

Ok people. This is it. This is my number one demon. MY WEIGHT!!!!!!
I absolutely hate my body. It was bad before I had Kaylee, and now it is just plane disgusting. I am absolutely tired of it, and I plan to change it. I know I will never be skinny, but hey.... a girl can dream. I plan to lose 85 pounds. Laugh if you must. I did to when I first set this goal. I figure I should set it high. I just want to be able to shop in any store I want to. I want to go in and not have to buy the largest pair of pants they sell. Here are some pics of what I once looked like.

Not the best quality, but you get the point. This is where I want to be again. Well my goal will actually get me smaller then this. I need to do this for myself. I hate looking in the mirror and seeing the great blob that I have become. So here goes nothing.......