Friday, January 28, 2011

Man I really need to write more often!!!!

Ok ok.... I know it has been so long. I kind of gave up the blog during student teaching. I still can't believe I made it out alive. Student teaching+work+baby+husband+life=one crazy mommy!!!!!
Now please don't get me wrong.... I love my life and my sweet family. It was just a bit overwhelming for a while. Kyle and I finally made it out of college. WooHoo!!! It was about time.

I am so proud of my amazing husband. He worked 30 hours a week and went to school with a young baby and wife. I amazed he kept his sanity. We were so excited to graduate. Well things were going great until a week before Christmas. Kyle and I decided to move to Alabama to be close to my family. We have lived in Oklahoma since before we were married. We felt like job finding may be a bit easier with some help from my side. Kaylee and I caught a flight home. We thought it wouldbe easier to fly with her instead of having her in a car for 15 hours. Kyle was going to drive, and we also had movers. Kyle was to leave Tuesday morning after the movers came. I went to bed around 10 that night. Kyle had just sent me a message that he was headed to bed as well. Around 4am I received a call from a number I did not recognize. I hung up on the number since Kaylee was asleep next to me. I did not want it to wake her up. Well it called back. I thought that better answer it just in case. My worst nightmare came true. It was Kyle calling from the security office at OC. He had been mugged. I immediately jumped out of bed and screamed. I had no idea what to think or say. I was just praising God that he was alive. The worst part is that he no longer had a phone. This is when I wished we had invested in a house phone. We had service, just no wall phone. Stupid I know. Well we did have facebook chat at least. We also got on skype. I cried when I saw his busted lip. He told me the whole story. He decided to go look at the Christmas lights downtown. He was unable to sleep. He did not call me, because he knew Kaylee was sleeping. Oh and he knew I would tell him not to go by himself. He stopped at an ATM to withdraw $6oo. We needed that the next day for the movers. He then went downtown to look at the lights. Yes I know. Who in the world carries that kind of cash on them. He was on his way back to the car to go home, and a guy came out with a gun. He made Kyle face the other direction so not to see his face. The guy pushed the gun into his back, and made Kyle give up everything. He got his wallet, his ipod, his phone, and even took his glasses off his face. His wallet had both of our id's and all of our credit cards and money. Not to mention insurance cards. I know that he can't use them, but neither can we now. He also took his keys. Ok now I have to be humble. I stayed on Kyle's case for quite a while about putting the car key on his key chain. I thought it was so odd that he carried it separately. He always lost it. Well Kyle was able to keep the car key since the guy did not find it on him. So he could at least get home. Kyle also had to tell the guy the pin number to our bank account. I later asked him why he did not lie to the guy, and Kyle made a good point. He had to go bvack to the apartment. The guy knew exactly where we lived, and had our key. I doubt the guy would have showed up there, but you never know. It was just better to give it to him. The guy ended up getting gas in 2 cars, and withdrawing some cash before we could get the card cut off. We got it back thanks to protection. The cops had a pic of him at the ATM, but he had a hood on. All we know is that he had a red hood on. Kyle came through it ok, but it could have been very different. We could have lost him that night. We were very very very inconvenienced financially by tghis guy, but I stil get to hold my husband, and Kaylee gets to have a daddy.
It makes me so angry to think that people do this type of thing. I Can't seem to grasp how a person could do it. I had a hard time for a while. I kept picturing it in my head. I would have nightmares about it. Kyle seemed to get over it so fast. I asked him how in the world he could be at peace so quickly! What he said really made sense. He for one had several hours in the car to think and pray. God really worked on his heart. He said that he started out angry. He was so mad and furious that his life could have been taken. He was angry that all of our money was gone. We were in a spot. But then he realized that this was a very desperate human. This guy felt like this was the only way. There was no telling what kind of life he has. He realized that no matter what this man had done, we still had to love and pray for him. He spent hours one night telling ,e about how he had forgiven this guy. I was amazed. I could not believe how strong of a man I had married. I had forgiven the guy, but I was stilll fearful. I had lost trust for society. I became much more cautious.
Once he arrived in Alabama, I threw my arms around him and never thought I would let go. Well more drama was around the corner. The movers came back into our lives. They ended up charging us double what their quote was. When they left, we discovered they had stolen 3 boxes marked video games and DVD's. We were out another grand. Our wedding movies were even in there. I was not upset about the fact that they had just cost us more money. I was upset and humans in general. Once again we had been let down. What was going on with people!!!! And this was Christmas eve. I was beside myself. I have always been the person to go above and beyond for people in need. I can't stand to see people hurt.
My love of people was really tested. I have realized now, that God made everyone. He made us in His image. This does not mean that everyone is going to act accordingly. This only means that we have to love everyone like He does. These people came into our lives for a moment, but effected it for the rest our lives. We grew so much over Chgristmas. I keep thinking that maybe the guy downtown needed to give his children a good christmas. Maybe he needed the money for them. Maybe the movers were in the same situation. I will never find out, but hopefully even their evil helped an inocent child. I love all of them. I love that they are created by God. I hate their evil. I hate that satan got a hold of them. My prayer is that they come to know their savior before it is too late. I kept thinking about all the people I worked with at celebrate recovery. Their was a group of prisoners that attended. I kept thinking that they may have been involved in things like this. They have taken steps to change, and so could these people. It helped me to remember some of the people I have met in CR. It helped to grasp how people can change. I praise God that I had that oppertunity.
Other than that Christmas was great. We had a new reason to celebrate. We could celebrate life and love. We celebrated the love of our family and friends. We could celevbrate our daughters first Christmas has a family. Kaylee Beth has been a joy and a blessing in our lives. We are so thankful for this little angel God has sent us. She has only brought us closer together. I will try to update often.

God Bless

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